Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made it: Sit Spots for $5

Linking up for Monday Made it this morning... 

I am sure you have seen this Pinteresting product floating around!
From what I gather these things are absolutely amazing. Truly they are not priced terribly either so if you have 35 kids and can spare $70 you should definitely stop reading this post and go buy some! Haha. Just click here to visit their site. You can also click the pin below to read a great post by Teacher to the Core.

Now I have wayyyy too many kids each year and move ins and outs like nobody's biz so I created my own. At the dollar tree they have all sorts of placemats. You could even use those little foam colored pieces that come like 20 in a pack and make them for less than 5 bucks. And if they are ruined at the end of the year no big woop, am I right!? I had to buy 8 placemats to be safe. 

To get started I used a pen, scissors,  placemats, 
and the lid to an oatmeal container. 

 Step 1: Use the round object to draw circles on the backside of each placemat. 
Sit Spots has all sorts of different shapes and colors. 
If you want to make your own unique shapes you could trace anything. 
So if your classroom theme is ocean you could find a cutesy whale shape to trace. 
 Step 2: Cut them out. 
 Step 3: I created these sticky labels with numbers. 
You can download the template here. I used Avery labels 5160. 

Step 4:
I had some velcro too so I put a little piece on the back of each. 
Now I can stick them to the carpet or linoleum floor. 
Once each is placed where I want it I can move each circle as frequently as I want. 
So if student #24 won't stop talking to student #25 no worries.
 I will just swap student #15 and #24. Problema solved!

 Here is my little model. 
These are set up on my living room floor since it is mid-July 
and I am so not ready to start going back yet!

I also made these cutesy little pencil cans. 
Target has these little chalkboard cans in the dollar spot. 
If you don't have chalkboard markers you MUST pick some up! 

There are some crazy amazing Monday Made It's this week. I already added 5 gazzilion to my to do list! Go check em' out. 


  1. Very cute & creative!! I love it. I've been lusting over the Sit Spots for a while, but I just don't have enough room in my classroom for them to be spread out like that Unfortunately, my kids are kind of squished together. Hoping I can find a solution for that. Love this, though - thanks for sharing! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Kelly- just tell your principal your classroom is squished and you have too many kids so you need a bigger room or less kids. Haha. That'll work, right?

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. What a great print for your sit spots! Love them!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Great idea! Do you think they can be vacuumed over? Just don't want to make the custodians upset! :-)

  4. Wonderful DIY! Question re: velcro on carpet. Did you use a piece of the fluffy side, or the scritchy-scratchy side? Thanks!

  5. Fantastic DIY!! EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! I adore sit spots but didn't want to spend that kind of money. How does the Velcro work with the carpet? Does it stick??

  6. Wondering if your kiddos managed to bend them up the way mine did? I noticed mine are not lasting very well at all. Still trying to find away around the $2 a pop sit spots, but it is looking like I might need to bite the bullet :(