Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting in the right mind....

It is nearly August so I suppose I need to give in and start doing some super productive work to get ready for the school year!

At least I am having fun doing it! This week I am linking up (for the first time ever, I might add) with Fourth Grade Frolics for Made it Monday!

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was both Genius and darling. Because, as some of you may know, sewing is a no no for me and I just don't have that kinda patience. The glue gun and staple gun are my two best friends!

Here is the final product and below you can see step by step how I completed this easy project!
Isn't it gorge :) And yes that's Conner in the background putting on his new rain boots

Super Easy Step by Step

1. You will first need to find a stool. Really any works. I found mine at salvation army for $8

2. Buy a can of glossy spray paint. I used black but of course, you can use any color. Take your stool outside or in your garage and completely cover it with the spray paint. Let it dry.
3. Once your stool is dried completely you will need a piece of foam large enough to cover the seat, a marker and scissors. I had extra foam laying around in the garage that used to be on top of a mattress.

-Turn the stool upside down on top of the foam and trace around it
-Then cut out the circle

4. Now you will need your fabric. I had some extra from other pieces that I am incorporating into my room. You don't need much. Lay the foam on top of your fabric and then the stool upside down on top of the foam. Use a pencil and ruler to trace a square around the stool that leaves about 2 1/2 - 3 in. on each side, enough to fold over and staple to the bottom of the seat. Once you have your lines traces you can move the stool and foam and cut your piece of fabric.
5. Once your fabric is cut lay your foam and stool back on top like shown above. Fold the pieces in so they are tight. Use a staple gun to staple your fabric into place all around your stool. Voila! You have a beautiful new stool for your classroom.

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