Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BOGGLE Board dilemma---solved!

5 days left of summer until I am officially back at school. I cannot believe it! I have to say however, that I am quite excited for fall. I just love wearing boots, cardigans and scarves. Just this morning when I went to take the recycling out I could smell fall in the air, like that crisp dewy smell in the air and it was just a tad bit cold. I am sure I will miss summer once it is gone but it is nice to look forward to fall!

Today, I went to the Ruth Culham writing conference. If you don't know, Ruth is the author of all of the 6 traits books. She had a lot of good information to share and my team and I are so excited to get writing going for this year. I think that most valuable piece I took away was the breakdown of the different traits. Ideas, Conventions, Sentence Fluency; it can all be so broad. It's important to break those down into separate pieces and I think this will help me keep my mini lessons more focused.

Ruth talked about teaching each trait for a week and then moving onto the next trait. The key is teaching a component of the trait. Now the question is which component to teach. Her website is full of resources and printables. I will give you some more details when we start planning more of the nitty gritty!

My classroom is down to the final details and I hope to post my big reveal tomorrow! CanNOT wait to meet my little darlings!!!

I put up my boggle board last week and struggled with how to easily change out the letters. As my classroom projects are drawing to an end I am losing steam and don't want to velcro or glue anything that I don't have to. If you are having the same dilemma check out my little video to find out what I did!

And... As I am updating some of my word work I have a couple of FREEBIES for ya! Just click the pictures to get yours!

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