Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Funday and a mega FREEBIE!

Sundays have to be one of my favorite days right now. Normally I would say they are not but Made it Monday helps me look forward to it and I spend just about every Sunday with my Family having dinner, laughing and lounging in the sun.

Not to mention this sweet little face!

Because of my new found love for Sunday (who knows how long this will last with school starting in two weeks) I thought I would share something with you that I have been hard at work on.

Just like any girl I love to shop. I love a good sale and I love anything new, just something about it! One thing I do not like buying however, are planners and plan books. If you want something that is customized you are looking at spending a pretty penny and even if you don't need it customized they are certainly not cheap.

I spent the last few days figuring out my schedule, making my plan book, student roster, birthdays, calendars and all of that jazz for my teacher binder. Now of course my schedule won't fit yours but I still thought I would share everything else with you.

Also, I thought I would share with you: As nice as it looks to be able to type something I sometimes feel like it can be a waste and a bit unrealistic with students coming and going so often. This year I thought I would use generic rosters and just use pencil to write in my information. This way if it changes I can easily fix it without feeling the pressure to go in, fix it and reprint it.

I hope that you find these useful! Click the first picture to get over 30 pages and don't forget to click the second picture to get the rest.

The cover I included for you is blank. This is my example. 

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