Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Third Grade Word Wall

Before I tell you about my decision to have a word wall in my classroom I have to tell you about my mega anxiety and frustration with contact paper today... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Did I mention it made me very very angry!!?? I don't know what was going on with me today but it just wasn't happenin'. I was attempting to cover my ugly brown chalk board with black contact paper. Well, it was just not cooperating. The paper was sticking to itself, me, making my freshly spiral curled hair all static-y. Then once I got it on the board it just wanted to be all bumpy.

Long story short, no it's just a long story; my chalk board is no longer poopy brown! Even after all of my frustration it was a success and now I am ready to create my daily math board.

The border is actually turquoise duct tape. I forgot my camera today but I also used the duct tape to recover my kidney table. I promise to show you tomorrow because it turned out beautifully!

Onto the reason for this post! I contemplated whether or not to have a word wall in my classroom. I feel like with my particular group of students it is necessary, especially for the beginning of the year. My plan is to have a word wall to start the year and latter adapt it to also contain prefixes, suffixes, root words, etc. 

Most word wall packs only contain sight words for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. I really wanted to make sure that I had words that met the needs of students at all levels and align with what we are working on in class. The pack had words for kindergarten-sixth grade! 

You can find this word wall pack at my TPT store. It contains over 650 sight word cards that can be used for the word wall and/or as flashcards! Of course the pack also comes with super cute letters for the word wall. You can check out the owl version of this pack too!


  1. Are you doing 20% off this weekend for the big sale? I have 2 of your items in my cart! I'd love to get them this weekend!

  2. Deniece,

    Thank you, so much for reminding me! My sale is up and running :) I gotta get my wish list sorted out so I can buy EVERYTHING!!! Goodness, I am gonna be in trouble!


  3. Thanks for offering to be part of my giveaway. Reading this post reminds me of how I felt putting up bulletin boards (which lead to a post about how putting up bulletin board is like having an argument.

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