Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to School Night!

Things are beginning to settle in and I am really loving my class. They are so smart! The past couple of years have had some difficult circumstances and I was not expecting my class to be so ready for third grade standards. I was expecting to need to spend so much more time reviewing and practicing things that they should have already mastered. Boy, have I been pleasantly surprised!

The majority of my sweeties know their addition and subtraction facts and that is not what I have experiences in the past. I am so excited that we can move on! Really feels great.

Tomorrow we have Back to School Night! Even though it is a lot of work I am always so excited to meet the parents and get homework, spelling and book bags up and running for the year. Each are such an important part of what we do!

I will have more for you later in the week about this night but for now I wanted to share a little activity. I am sure it is less than original but I hope that it will be something that saves you time and that you can use again and again!

The first is a template for students to write a letter to their parents thanking them for coming and telling them what they have been up to the past few weeks. The second piece is a template for the parents to write a note back complete with a sweet little poem written by yours truly. The kids love this and it brings such a smile to their face when they come in the next morning!

Click either picture below to take you to the freebie.

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