Monday, September 24, 2012

Regrouping Math Centers!

Daily math is THE best! I have made some adjustments this year and have worked hard at introducing each piece individually and allowing students to build their stamina (just like Daily 5 reading). Boy, imagine that taking my time and not rushing gets better results!

I am just always in such a dang hurry to get my groups up and running. Right now my darling choose between "math by myself", "math writing" and "math technology". All of this are oh so wonderfully Independent!! We tried buddy math and just are not ready for it. We need to build up our stamina and work at staying on task before we are ready to add some buddy work.

Today I added 3 choices to out self and writing choices. The were a HIT!! The kids were so on task and so engaged. They loved the opportunity to use new materials. It is so funny that they are still doing the work, solving the problems on paper but make it fun with a dry erase crayon, some dominoes, cups or cards and they are sold. LOVE IT!

Here is a peek at the three centers. I am out tomorrow for a PBIS training led by guru Cory Dunn. Spent much of my evening getting ready for a sub (can you say crapola... seriously my least favorite thing). After I am back on Wednesday though I promise to snap some pics of all their hard work!

You can grab all three together at my TPT store. Click the link here or any of the pictures below!

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