Thursday, October 4, 2012

What a Wonderful Week!

Well, for starters my principal nominated me to win Office Max's teacher dedicated to education award. On Wednesday morning my principal and an entourage walked in with mega goodies. I was so confused at first, trying to process what exactly was going on. It was pretty darn incredible and I definitely felt the love.

I think my favorite thing about it all was the premise behind it. Office Max is working to erase teacher funded classrooms. Imagine that! Well, I certainly liked it and I know I am not going to need any more office supplies for a while.

They arrived with beautiful flowers, a new teacher chair and this GIANT box! I know you are just itching to know what goodies are in there! I am going to wait and share with you tomorrow though. Because..... I am going to throw a giveaway. I have one of the items already and love love love it so I thought I would give one of my amazing followers a chance to win it! Check back tomorrow to find out just what it is and see all the goodies in the box.

Hopefully you already knew this, but October is Bullying Awareness and Prevention month. I posted my Bullying Prevention and Awareness pack on TPT. 

In the next couple of weeks my students will be creating a class book based on the book The Juice Box Bully by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy. If you do not have this one you must borrow it from your local library. Like the students in this story my class will be making a promise to one another, to our school and to their community to help stop bullying and raise bullying awareness. 

After writing our stories we will be sending them off to the book publishing company, Student Treasures. This company publishes student books for free. The class gets a copy and all you have to do is send home the flyer offering parents the option to purchase if they would like. Several parents always order and love and cherish their child's books. 

Click the picture below to check them out. It is a pretty amazing opportunity for your kids to experience publishing at it's finest. 

My students will also be creating T-shirts this month to help raise awareness around bullying. This is further described in my Bullying Prevention and Awareness Pack

Take a look and remember I am always happy to add to, change, and customize my products. If you want it chances our someone else or myself will benefit from it too!

Happy Friday, people! We made it!

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  1. Oh Congrats Hope!!! That is sooo cool. I hear the chair is neato-petito!