Friday, November 9, 2012


Not only do I love me some Friday I love a FREEBIE even more!

Sorry for my absence lately... I would like to say I have a good excuse, but I really don't. I have been reading 50 shades and unable to stop. I can honestly say that I have missed you all so much though and catching up on all you wonderful blogsters has been as amazing and inspiring as ever! :P

It is a bit late, but we had so much fun here on Halloween! This is probably the best Halloween I have ever had at school. We didn't party, there was no craziness but we learned (imagine that) and added some Halloween flair.....

We started with easy peasy Pumpkin Glyphs!

Then we played Don't Rob Bob. This game was inspired by The Teacher Wife. I altered it for my thirds and made it into a mental math game! This picture isn't actually from Halloween. On Halloween we played with Candy Corn pieces and it was the afternoon so I had 38. Pictures just don't happen then. 

You can get your Don't Rob Bob Game by visiting my TPT store. Students take turns saying the answer to a problem on the board. The other player attempts to take the candy or game piece from the spot they believe matches the answer. If they try to take it from the wrong spot they lose that turn. 

After that we Buddy Read our Halloween Joke Books... again super engaged! Success!

I can't find this on TPT but it was a Freebie so I am hoping it is okay to share here.

We then did Laura Candler's Pumpkin Seed Multiplication... it was perfect!

Finally, I ended the night Trick or Treating with this little sweetie. This is a T-Rex costume NOT a dragon. He's reminded me of this several times. We were set on a skeleton until the day before Halloween so of course we had to find a fill in T-Rex! He is already asking why we don't Trick or Treat again.

And now for the Friday FREEBIE. We have been working hard on conventions and sequencing. Using Lucy Caulkins we refer to making a "movie in your mind" and visualizing the story step-by-step. 

Here is a little organizer for ya! The sister and kids just arrived (literally NOW) so I am off to entertain 3 toddlers! Wish me luck ;) 

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