Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas time is here!!!

I love Christmas time... I mean LOVE IT!! I start listening to Holiday tunes well before Thanksgiving (with must protest from the hubs). My sweet boys birthday is 10 days before Christmas. Usually we go ahead and decorate it up right after Thanksgiving and then for his birthday I un-decorate a bit or hide a lot of it in the garage. As Conner is getting older (3- tear tear ;( ) I have decided that I want him to be able to have some separation between Christmas and his birthday. Christmas is such a special time to me and that is because of all the memories I have created over the years with my family. I want to create every memory every bit as special for both his birthday and Christmas. So, with much deliberation we will not be decorating until the night of the 15th after cleaning up quite the superhero extravaganza! Can't wait to get my bootay decorating so I'm hitting up Pinterest for every cutesy pie thing in sight!!

We started with a Footmas Tree Project. Conner loved painting his feet best. I let him paint his feet green and then I painted his sweet toesies red. 
I tell ya, this kid is always in his undies!

He painted the star on top himself... so artistic. 

This week my Thirds also made their first Holiday project. Luckily all of them celebrate Christmas but I did provide an alternate option of a snowman for kids who may Celebrate another holiday. Here are our close up Santas. Click here for an amazing tutorial with some technology thrown in too. 

This bald one is so cute! Gave me a good chuckle!!

Make this Holiday a special one!!

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