Monday, January 14, 2013

I just couldn't help but laugh...

I was giving three of my kids a spelling pre-test today. I try to keep things moving quickly so that we can get it done and move on. Now and then I get into the mode and forget to give them a sentence to go with or rattle off the word too fast. Like so: "Your word is purpose. She worked with a purpose. Your word is certain. He was certain that it was correct. Next. Complete. Sincere. Their. Food." And then it happened...


Me continuing to move on to the next kid with the next word.

"Mrs. Newport did you just say boob? (a little louder).

"No I did not say boob, I said food. (while shussing <um, is that a word>)

"Giggles", Thank goodness just from the small table group. I was embarrassed enough!

Then my sweet student teacher says, "It sounded like BOOB to me too".

I am so immature, but I just couldn't help but crack up. It's funny how these vulnerable, yet embarrassing moments seem to bond us and make me that much more human to these sweet kids.

The moral of all this is not that you should say something inappropriate to your kids- like boob. I still swear I said food. More so, I am trying to make a point that moments like these completely unrelated to learning, where you and a group of littles just giggle together are  important moments. So often I get caught up in the fast pace of the day. I need an unexpected moment. Something to catch me off guard. Get me smiling. Moments like these remind me that each child in my class needs to have a good giggle with their teacher now and then!

I hope you take these moments each day! Tomorrow I am starting our morning with a joke... just because I can and I love to see em' smile!

Where did the spaghetti go to dance?
The meatball!!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy all those special moments!


  1. That is too funny!! I totally agree with you! Those random moments when something happens and you know you shouldn't laugh because you are the adult but you just can't help yourself?!? I love those moments! Then everyone cracks up with you and that awkward tense moment passes and the kids know that you, too, are human and kind find humor in the little things!!

    Glad this happens to others too! :O)
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. That is the BEST thing I've heard all day! I'm so excited you stopped by. I'm always excited to find another 3rd grade friend!

    Abby :)
    Third Grade Bookworm

  3. Glad it gave you a little laugh too, girls! Abby I am always SO excited to find a fellow THIRDster that I can blog with!!