Monday, September 30, 2013

"I'm just so smart you know... that's why I read to show that I am inferring, inferring until the story's over"

Boy oh boy I hope my kids this year love to sing as much as my kiddos did last year!
I can just hear them belting out the song now!!

I wrote a little song last year to go with this spooky little activity pack. 

The tune goes with Sean Kingston's beautiful girl (don't even ask because I can't tell ya why I picked it <random> ) You can find the entire pack in my TPT store but I want to share the Spooky Inference activity with my followers. 

The kids loved all of the inferring they got to do last year. It go them up and moving all around the school. So. Much. Fun. 

So here is how it goes. I bought a skeleton from the dollar tree and took him apart. I taped up the parts all around the school. As a class, we used each clue to infer where we would find Mr. Bones' body parts. I sent a few kids to that spot at a time and everyone got a chance to go. You could also do this in reading groups. Just have the kids return the parts to the proper place when they are finished so that the next group can do it. The clues should work for any school. 

Here are some pictures of last year's fun!

There it is! Okay they are totally posing for the picture but whatev.

Found it!

Reading the clues and INFERRING!

Click either picture below to grab your copies! :) 

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