Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Classroom Website

Technology has made communication between school and families so much easier. There is so much available to us. Last year I started using the classroom website that our district made available to us. Sadly, it was hard for parents to find and when they did finally find it things weren't exactly easy to navigate. 

When I got my new blog design I really didn't want to "waste" my old layout. The designer, Alicia was kind enough to install it to a whole new blog address for me. So, now I am using it as our classroom website! I love it. It is so simple and so familiar to me. I can easily share documents and pictures with students and families. 

I love blogging and sharing. Getting ideas form others and collaborating with teachers all over the world allows me to become better at what I love doing. The only problem with my personal blog is when life gets crazy busy I can't allow it to suck too much of my time. I have to put my blog aside because it is not necessarily benefiting my kids to write about my day to all of you. A classroom website however, fully benefits my kids and their families. With the way I like to talk about teaching and my classroom I am all for another outlet. Lord knows my darling husband gets tired of pretending he is interested in what's going on in 3rd grade. 

My hope for this classroom website is that it will allow kids and their families to share openly about what is happening at school. When asked what they learned that day I hope it eliminates the "I don't know". I am so excited that families will be able to see the books we are reading so they can check out others by the same author. They will be able to download the math games we are playing to play at home. They can see the art process instead of just the product. This website will allow families to be smack in the middle of learning with us! 

If you're thinking about a classroom website and enjoy blogging this might work for you too. 

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