Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Link Ups!

This Monday, I have two link ups for you!

The first is My Truth Monday with Sunny Days in Second Grade

And that's my truth... 

For the second, I am sharing my schedule. 

I love seeing how the rest of you have become so creative with your schedule so
I thought I would share mine. 

It is so hard to squeeze it all in but I am pretty proud of how well I utilize our time. 
There is a little explanation in the Daily 5 sections. I try so hard to fit in as many groups as I possibly can each day. While I am completing a reading group I have a student begin excusing students to wash their hands and line up in the hallway. Doing this 5 minutes before allows my group to continue to run and all of us to get to lunch on time. Another responsible student acts as line monitor and a third student sends students back to clean up if they have forgotten. 

I also love how we use our time right after lunch. The kids return and take out their Daily Math Practice Books. These books review all CCSS concepts so that they have had some exposure by the time that testing comes around. Goodness knows there is not enough time to thoroughly teach it all before that first round. It's also a great way to calm them down after recess and regain their focus. 

One more is the author's chair on Fridays. This is such an awesome way for students to share the writing they are proud of and for the kids listening to comment specifically on the writing elements we have been working on. We work really hard on giving thoughtful compliments. With some work "I like your story." becomes "I like the part in your story where you use details to show your reader how you were feeling when..." It's one of my favorite parts of our week. 

Check out the linky and see how other teachers have become creative with their schedule too!

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  1. What a fun story and I agree about the blood part. Nursing would not be for me! Glad you switched!
    Teachers Are Terrific!