Saturday, July 12, 2014

Take a little trip back to the archive

We just returned from a weekend of camping. 
Seriously people, I never realized how much dirt could actually stick to a kid. 
I'm pretty sure they need a bath after their back to wash off the mud water.
 It was amazing to get away though. 

Tonight I want to link up with Sweet Rhyme & Pure Reason
In his trip "back to the archive" he talks about one of my favorite PD books
Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. Check it out. 

And here is my trip back to the archives... 

For this week's project I made Character Canvas Paintings. Now, before you stop reading and think it looks too difficult read on because I am not artsy fartsy at all so if I can get this done anyone can. This has been my favorite Made it Monday project! I hope you all love it as much as I do and find time to make a few for your classroom.

Painting Canvases- I bought mine at Michael's Craft Store on Sale in a 10 pack for $10
Acrylic Paint

1. Google pictures of your favorite book characters. Try to stick with simple pictures that do not have too much detail and focus mostly upon the main character. 
2. Once I had my characters picked out I then put each picture on my document camera and projected the picture onto my blank canvas. 
3. Use a pencil to trace the outline and details of your picture onto your canvas
4. Once you have all of the pictures penciled on to your canvases you are ready to paint
5. Use the acrylic paint and various size paint brushes to paint your characters. This part takes time and patience but I was able to complete all 6 of my characters in about 3 hours. (The toddler was at his Grammies! Otherwise I would not have been so brave and it probably would have taken me 10 hours).

I also made this no sew banner to go above the windows in my classroom. Click on the picture below to get the template. I printed the triangles on card stock, cut them, stapled them to ribbon at each corner and VOILA..... banner hung!

Click the picture to get your template!


  1. I love those character paintings! Thanks so much for linking up!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  2. I'm trying my hand at cute monsters.... For my Monstar Themed room. Love the banners too!

    1. You have to show them off when you're done! I think over the last year or so I've developed a love for some new characters so I might have to change a couple up!

  3. Your canvases look adorable. Very colorful.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    School Is a Happy Place