Monday, November 10, 2014

Good ol' fashioned note-taking with sticky tabs

I absolutely refuse cannot believe  that it is time for conferences. As I was planning away last week I took a look at the calendar and my jaw about dropped to the freakin' floor. During this time last year I was on maternity leave. I returned after conferences, convenient I know ;). When I returned I felt like it took me a really long time to get to know my kids personally and academically. I just couldn't get a handle on it all. I ended the year knowing that the next year would be different.

One of my favorite things I have implemented this year is my anecdotal notes journal. I have tried fancy little binders, the notecards all taped together and pretty on a clipboard, notes on an iPad. I never end up following through with any of it. I am not sure why because I know those things have worked for other teachers. I guess I just had to find something that fit my style.

When it comes to notes I am a writer not a typer. I make all sorts of notes and to do lists on my phone. Usually I forget about them. I am a paper and pencil gal - all the way.

I had a bunch of the little post it sticky tabs. I decided to take a composition book and every four pages I added a tab. Each tab is placed to the right of the tab before it. On each tab I wrote the initials of a student. I keep this journal on my teach table at all times. There are also several pages left over at the back for new students or other notes.

Any time I think "Hey, I need to remember __________." I remind myself that I will NOT remember and immediately grab my journal and jot a quick note. The inside isn't as pretty as the outside. My handwriting is sloppy and each sentence is a fragment. It all makes sense to me though and it is going to be a huge help while I am completing report cards and planning conferences.

If you have tried it all like I have and haven't found something quite right try this out and see what you think! Happy teaching, friends!

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