Friday, September 2, 2016

Guided Math Resources from Oriental Trading

I am excited about this post for two big reasons: 

One, I had no idea that Oriental Trading had so many resources specifically for teachers and they are priced for a teacher budget. And two, I get to give away a set of everything I show you so that you have the chance to use it in your own classroom!! #winning

You can check out the video above to see these resources in action!

When choosing the things I wanted to try out I thought about all of you. Many of us are just getting started with guided math and others have been at it for a couple of years and are still trying out what works best. Guided math is by far my favorite time of day. My kids love it and I have an opportunity to help them explore new concepts and ideas in small group settings where we can really dig deep and challenge our thinking. 

I wanted to try out resrouces that would help us all do that in our own classrooms. I am new to first grade this year so if I'm being honest, I am still yet to discover all the ways I will be able to use these resources to help students build number sense. Here are some of the ideas I've come up with so far. 

These dry erase math skills boards were a favorite in our house. The dry erase marker wipes off so easily. They are perfect for encouraging kids to show their thinking in multiple ways. On the front side there is a 120's chart and on the back ten frames and numberlines. 

Kids could add, subtract, count, or make ten using dominoes, flashcards, dice, counting bears, or a number spinner. My son loved racing forward and backward to and from 120. This is a game that you could play with a partner using two different colored dry erase markers. Each partner rolls a die and each time moves forward on the number line. The first partner to 120 wins. 

These come in a package of 30 and if you have more than 30 kids in your class, I'm sorry. Been there a million times and it stinks to have to buy a second package of something for a few kids. 

The weiner dog number line sliders are a lot of fun. The slider moves smoothly and easily. They would be a great way for kids to get hands on practice using a number line.  These come in a pack of 12 so though there may not be enough for your whole class, they are perfect for a guided math group or to have out for kids to access during math time. 

These bead slides are perfect for helping students develop one to one correspondence. As they are counting, adding or subtracting they touch and slide each bead. They are sturdy and won't break. I also love that they come with 48 slides and in all of these colors to help kids visualize number relationships. 

Last are these number bond cards. They came with a huge stack of cards to provide tons of practice. I plan on having them out on my group table after kids are familiar with them. While I am helping the rest of the class get settled during math centers the kids in my group can work on these while they're waiting those couple of minutes. I am so impressed with all of the dry erase products. I've bought many other things where the marker still shows, even if it is just slightly. This is not the case with Oriental Trading products. After wiping off the marker they still look brand new. 

Oriental trading now has a teacher wish list. I love that I can add things I need for my classroom and share with parents and friends. You can check out my teacher wish list and create your own HERE

Now on to the good stuff! Do you want to win everything you see here for your classroom? Just enter using the Rafflecopter! 

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