Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Off to a Good Start

I always like to complete an individual math interview with each student just to see what sort of mathematician they really are. I usually have 3 students at my table at a time. This seems to be just the right amount so that I can can pay attention and make notes for each child. It is so valuable and tells me more than any group assessment could. I lay out base ten pieces, scratch paper and counting blocks for students. Without giving any guidance I let them choose what they would liked to use and make notes as they go about how they are solving problems. This particular assessment is designed for Fall of 3rd Grade. These are based on the Common Core Standards and what students should have mastered by the end of 2nd Grade. I hope that this resource is helpful to you.

NOTE: The preview shows just the first page. There are 3 pages total covering skip counting, time, addition and subtraction and problem solving.

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