Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yet another... mmmm hmmm another giveaway!

Certainly as it says, A place for "All Star" ideas Ms. Fiorini is having a 600 follower giveaway and the grand prize  is a $25 TPT gift card plus 6 items from her terrific TPT store!!!

Get yo' booty over there and enter!!!

Meanwhile I have my first follower! Hehe sounds so silly but I was pretty darn excited about it! Thanks Tara! For being my first follower I am sending you a few extra freebies! 

Tomorrow is what my bestie and I like to call Wifey Wednesday... yes she is my wifey (aka my partner in crime when I need a break from the hubs and a wild toddler) and we were just about inseparable all through middle and high school. With families, school and careers we try spend as much time laughing, shopping and just doing nothing together as possible. After Wifey Wednesday I promise to get back to creating my Back to School Giganti Pack. Until then here is a little preview and a freebie. 

Me and my Beautiful Wifey!

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