Friday, August 31, 2012

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... Classroom Reveal!!!

Okey dokey artichokies.... I am finnnnally ready to show you everything I have been up to! My goodness it has been a lot of work but I feel pretty ready for kids on Tuesday. I have a few loose ends to tie up here and there, covering a couple more cans in contact paper and some copies. But all in all I am so excited to start the year!!

I have a flood of pictures for you! Come back tomorrow for another FREEBIE too!

As you can see, I moved schools this year. I am now back at my home school where I started! There were a lot of boxes to go through!

I made the apple name sign... love painting!

The red folders at each spot are filled with word searched, scrambles, review math and other activities for those first few weeks of school. It can be so hard to predict how much time something will take. These work folders are great to keep them busy in the morning and throughout the day when necessary. 

To the right are additional cubbies. I had to be creative to add more with 35 kids. 

I plan to use this bulletin board to put up artwork as well as writing and other work the kids are proud of. I love using the clothepens so I don't have to worry about stapling and taking down work. 

My supply cabinet, clip chart and designated chart space inspired by clutter free classroom

Our meeting area. It is much bigger than it looks in this picture. I saved the whole front of the room for this!

Across these two bulletin boards; schedule, morning check in, birthday chart, calendar and math board

Hand signals from the clutter free classroom and my "What do I do when I am done" signs

Math materials

Daily Math Board

Another view of the room

Each table has a crate. Inside the crate are 2'' box bottom hang in files. In these hanging files students will keep folders, composition books etc. Underneath is another crate that is open. In this bottom crate students will keep their Daily 5 binders. 

My "desk" and group work area

close up of the word wall

Here are a few of the items included in my back to school Giganti Pack... I can't wait to show you some of these back to school activities. On Wednesday we will be doing my favorite activity Leader Feed!

On Tuesday I will take pictures of the kids for the month of their birthday

The bottom portion will be used to pin up our vocabulary words throughout the week. You can get these for free at my TPT store


  1. Your room looks amazing! I want to be a kid in your class!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Your room looks FANTASTIC!!! LOVE all of the colors you used and your displays are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes