Saturday, September 8, 2012

A dream of a first week!

Now it's not that this week didn't have it's ups and downs but it has been the best first week I have ever had! My class is a bunch of sweeties! They treat each other nicely, work together, and all around are a hard working group! I think it is really going to be a great year!

We have a very unique situation this year. I have 38 students on my roster!!!!!!!! Yes, 38!!!!! This is the case with both 3rd grade classrooms. The district has gifted us with a half time morning teacher. For reading and writing each of us has 25-26 students. The mornings are a dream. Because the 3rd teacher is only half time our afternoons are a bit less dreamy. With all 38 kids in the classroom for math it gets a bit noisy and much more chaotic. We are doing our absolute best with what we have though and just keeping hope that we will get a whole bunch more kids so that we can keep Tanya full time!

This week we made Leader Feed! For this project students work together to create their own trail mix "recipe". They use the qualities that each food provides our bodies to plan their recipe. They then have to share with the class why they wrote the recipe the way they did. Finally, they get to make their own Leader Feed for snack. This is part of my Back to School Giganti Pack but I am offering it as a flash freebie today!

We also did a fun bead to learn about one another! I had planned for the kids to put it on their pencil zipper pouch and then a few of them asked to put it on their water bottle which I not only though was adorns, but also brilliant!


  1. And I thought my 35 was a lot. We also have a half day teacher during the morning time. Love the bead glyphs and the water bottles are are great idea.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I LOVE the bead glyphs. What a great idea :) Thanks for sharing...and 38 kiddos?? WOW!!!!

    First Grade Fairytales