Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready... Set... Teach

Even though I have been preparing for the last 5+ weeks I can't help but have this feeling that there is more to do. I dunno what it is people- but I REALLY need to learn to let go! (So hard though!!).

Tonight I am printing a few more name stickers to add to things in the morning because our class lists changed over the weekend... goodness me.

Tomorrow I will be teaching about choosing Good Fit books and I came across this sweet little video that I thought was perfect and allows the kids to not listen to me for 5 min. That 5 min. can be hard to come across the first day!!! They gotta take what they can get, right?

I hope you can use this too!

I also spent the evening getting my clothes ready for the week. Whew... had a lot of laundry to put away and sort through but don't you worry I made it out alive... so here are the fits for the week!! (I think this would make a lovely little Sunday link party and would save us time throughout the rest of the week... agree??)

Black slacks, Blue button up, Gray heels

Black pencil skirt, Brown and black striped top and black peep toe heels (Nine West, comfiest ever!!)

Khakis, Coral Lace shirt paired with black tank under, black flats

Jean Capris, Pink 3rd Grade Rocks Shirt and Pink and Black Nike's 

Happy First Day to those of you who go back tomorrow and for those of you who already started happy 4 day week... WOOP WOOP!!!


  1. In my husband's dreams I would be half as organized/prepared as you!!! I choose my outfit about 5 min. before I leave the house. Seriously.

  2. What a great idea... Choosing your outfits days in advance! The only problem I have when I've tried this is that some mornings I just don't feel like wearing a certain blouse or skirt that ive chosen. So i end up back at square one. Kudos for you!
    ;0) Melissa

  3. ya, remember those heels I was supposed to wear today? Ya, didn't happen-lol!!

  4. I am cracking up right this weekend, I sent the link to this blog post to my fellow teacher team. We are all getting ready for the "good fit" lesson. At lunch today, we were talking about how we had shown the video to our kids and one of my team said, "that teacher in the video....she is my cousin" Is it not a small small world! Thank you for sharing...I think it really helped my class start to grasp this concept.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. That is TOO funny! What a small world... she is famous now!!!