Sunday, October 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!

Went to the pumpkin patch yesterday! We got super lucky with the weather.

It seems every year I say "Next year Conner will want to take pictures" and every year he DOES NOT want to to take pictures. Of course I managed to snap a few anyway. However, there was not a single one with his genuine smile. Exciting enough I did get lots of nose picking.

We picked out a couple of pumpkins, took a hay ride, rode a pony and snacked on some caramel corn. A wonderful day!

We had a 3 day week with kids so there isn't too much to Style me Sunday this week but here ya go!

#1 Yellow sweater (my absolute favorite sweaters) $16.95 at Nordstrom Rack and they fit like a dream. I have several colors. Dark jeans and brown riding boots. I should have taken a close up of my accessories too. I think I will have the hubby start doing so because they really make all the difference. 

#2 This outfit was inspired by my sweet friend Julie Frediani. She really needs to start a blog of her own!! She has a funny story about helping her husband dress and black and brown being a no no together. Well, you can certainly make it happen but only in the right way with the right accessories. The brown top has black stripes which just makes it easy to incorporate with black. The shoes are my favorite wedges and I got them at Ross for $16. They are so comfy. 

Now on to what you have all been waiting for!!! My laminator giveaway had ended and I have a winner!

Beth Shavelson

Congratulations!!! I will be sending you an email shortly to collect all of your information. 

Thank you to all who entered. Thank you for following and sharing with me. Teaching just wouldn't be as fun without all of you!

I am getting pretty close to 100 followers. I am hoping to have a big giveaway so if you are interested in helping support let me know. 
My idea is lots of winners... my favorite things... my most prized products!! 


  1. So not only do I teach with Traci....I used to go to church with Julie and she teaches at a neighboring school! Cute outfits!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Laurie,

    I'm so slow!!! You teach with Traci who and you used to go to church with Julie f.? Just want to make sure I'm following hehe.

  3. Hey Hope! I'd love to help out with your giveaway - feel free to e-mail me at - willing to help out in any way!

    Miss V's Busy Bees