Monday, October 15, 2012

Wacky Monday... power outage and more

I arrived at school bright and early, as usual. I was ready to knock out my to-do list. 

Wellll I walked into a very dark building. Our power was out and teachers were wandering around wondering what in this crazy world was going on. Instead of searching through the dark and making little progress we all headed out for an extra cup of coffee! Much more fun!

When we got back the power was still off and we thought late start for sure, right? WRONG! An hour later our little cuties started arriving and we worked in the dark for about 2 hours. 

I couldn't believe how wonderful it was though. My kids liked hunkering down under the windows and skylight in the dark. They were pretty darn productive too!

Later we read a Goosebumps story (they are loving it, btw) and before we knew it the lights flickered back on. Funny enough they asked if we could turn them back off. They are a silly bunch. 

I had a couple of teacher ask me about the songs that we are always singing in the halls so I thought I would share with you too!

Here is a copy of the song I use to help us remember how much multiple quarters are worth. 
Just click the picture to get yours!

This second one is a digraphs song. I used it a ton last year and this year I will use it again with my small groups that need it. 
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