Thursday, January 24, 2013

Native Americans of the Northwest

I feel like I am always posting about art projects, but these days it is the only time I am free to snap some pictures! We have been studying Native Americans of the Northwest. To represent the tribes of the Coast we made totem poles and for Inland Valley we made woven mats (my favorite project I have done all year BTW). 

Each of us picked 3 animals to include on our totem. Based on the spiritual beliefs of the indians we chose animals that best represented us. After choosing our 3 animals we colored each with oil pastel. Once colored, the animals were glued to brown construction paper rolled into a tube. 

We displayed these in our school library for everyone to see. We went to the computer lab to create the information cards. Each student described their animal and why they chose each. 

This project was my absolute have! I was daring and did it with my kids before trying it out on my own. I know, and it actually went amazing. Click here for the original project and perfect step by step directions!

The project includes watercolors, painted leaf prints, measuring, cutting and weaving. Each project turned out fabulous and really challenged students artistically. 

Completed product! I bought the straw/grass from Craft Warehouse. I was able to get the leaves right outside my classroom, dry and all. By the time I was ready to find some long grass it was pouring. I opted to spend a few bucks. 

We have a Curriculum/Kidless day on Monday... I am so ready to have some time to plan. So many exciting things coming up... Prez day, Valentine's, our 100th day and I am sure I am forgetting something... oh ya Super Bowl!

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  1. Fun! We did totem poles like that, too, when we studied Native Americans but I haven't tried the mats! They turned out great! Thanks for sharing! (I don't think anyone ever gets tired of seeing art!!)

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. These are so cool! I love authentic, curriculum focused art projects! I bet your kids loved it, too!

    Teaching With Style