Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Currently...

Linking up with Farley here... I just love her. She makes me chuckle at just the right time. 

The Big Game is finallllly over. I think I would like sports a lot more however, my husband is ALL sorts of serious and makes it a tad bit un-fun. When it comes to football and basketball there is hardly a game we watch that does not include some sort of yelling or throwing. On the bright side of that I do love how Conner like to correct his daddy and remind him that saying stupid is not nice... haha that's my boy. 

Onto my currently... visited my parents today! Always fun. Sadly, I had a fierce headache. I shoulda known one was coming on though. I was super emotional yesterday and they say that these pregnant hormone surges can cause headaches. Glad to be home and my prego approved Tylenol has kicked in. 
I am way too tired though so I might just have to skip my must do's for tonight and hit the hay with my little man. Grading can wait right? Right! I think needing sunshine is a given. Last but not least my pet peeve. I mean come on, do you really have anything to say that is going to make me want to admit that I am being overly emotional and sensitive? No! So how about just not arguing with me! Hopin' this baby is a girl because I was not all little miss sensitive with Conner. 

Have a great week all! Now head over and link up. Click here. 


  1. Hope I didn't know you were expecting. Congrats! When are you due? Were you able to "schedule" it so you would be out during the summer? I tried to do that, but ended up having my girl in Dec. over the Xmas Break (I didn't go back until after Spring Break). Congrats again! Remember, the 2nd trimester is easier!


  2. Deneice... I am :) and we are crazy excited. I am into my second trimester, yay! It is mostly easier. We a lot easier. I am due July 19th. I will miss a bit of the beginning of the year, which is my favorite time but he I can't plan it all I suppose. So you just had a sweet girl this December? I need to start stocking you blog more. It is so crazy how busy we get!! I am so happy to hear from you!

    1. Oh no she just turned four!! I can't believe how time flies.

  3. Us West Coast girls have to stick together. I am from Cali, but was just in Portland for the weekend. Where are you at??

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  4. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the February Currently and I am your newest follower! I am pregnant too! I wish my students would be sweeter to me and follow the rules more because I am pregnant! I hate filling out PBIS surveys too!
    Come and check out my current Currently!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  5. Hi! I found you on the February Currently. I could definitely use some more sleep too! Who needs to grade things? xP

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher

  6. Hi! I found your blog through Currently. Hope you feel better very soon!
    First Grade Found Me

  7. Kelley I am in Gresham, just outside of Portland! Yes, we must stick together!!!

    Layla, they should be sweeter to us huh? ;) hey us pregos can dream right?

    Chrissy and Pam glad we all found each other! Thanks, for following! I hope you girls find some useful stuff here!