Monday, February 4, 2013

I HEART you!

I think I came off just a teensy bit grumpy yesterday... I have to say I am loving being pregnant and do feel incredibly blessed (INCREDIBLY) to be gifted with another little miracle in my life. Being the only prego in my little circle of friends I think sometimes I jump at the opportunity to vent aka whine (waaa waaaa waaaa) and I need to remember to share all that I am loving too!

So even though this is not a very "teachery" post so far (hang in there, I promise) I thought I should share all that I am loving about this sweet little (fingers crossed, do I dare say it?) girl. We don't know yet but as you can tell I am hopeful. 

1. I love you... yes you, sweet baby growing inside me. I didn't feel Conner until about 20 weeks. This time around I am feeling you squirm and wiggle all day long. It is THE best feeling!
2. My belly! I was so concerned with growing out of my pre-mom jeans last time that I didn't truly enjoy that baby belly. I find that I cannot keep myself from rubbing it. Maybe this Buddha is bringing me some luck. 
3. Everything baby. I cannot wait to see those sweet little tiny toes, soft little cheeks and to soak in that new baby smell. 
4. Big brother is getting older by the second and is not afraid to show it. I have been reading (not to mention, sobbing over) all of his baby books, pregnancy journaling and memorabilia. It is making me soak up just how little he is no matter how grown up he may believe he is. 

Thank you all for your sweet support and listening to me whine. I am glad I have family, friends plus my blogsters!

And, as promised on to the teachery portion...

Last year I bought these cutesy pie heart shaped containers from the dollar tree. They came 12 in a pack..... doesn't get any better than dirt cheap. I just couldn't let them go to waste so I made this fun little division game!

Each heart has a certain number of beads in it. Kids count the beads and find it on the game sheet. They then use the beads to practice dividing and recording the correct quotient.

The containers stay closed pretty well but I can certainly foresee pieces getting left behind. I have a couple of kiddos who need some counting practice so at the end of each day it will be their job to count the beads in each container and make sure that it matches the number I have written on the bottom of each container. This will help to make sure the center stays (my fave) neat, clean and tidy! You could also give this job to those sweets who are just always asking if you need help with anything. I am sure you have a few!

If you can't find the hearts I am sure you can find something just as cute to use.

Click on the picture for your freebie recording sheet!

If you do try it out let me know what your kids think... I would love the feedback. Happy dividing!

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