Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Calling all superheroes!

I can't believe it! All is quiet in the Newport house and my eyes are actually open. I love that everyone else is getting ready for back to school though. Things in the teachers pay teachers department have been picking up a little and what I like best about that is all of the customizations I am getting to create. Squeezing in little bits here and there is keeping me sane and giving me contact with the outside world. 

Just recently I customized my classroom rules signs for a superhero theme. Like any girly-girl I love anything pastel and especially pink. So-- I wanted to keep a set in the frilly department, but I also wanted to create something fresh so with this product I included both versions. 

I just love both sets! It almost, yes almost makes me want to change my classroom theme. Not this year though. I MUST refrain!!

I am happy to customize anything in my store for you. It is hard to get everything just right for each teacher's classroom and I know how important it is to buy a product and know that it is going to be exactly what you were looking and hoping for. So don't hesitate to email me with your questions, suggestions and customizations! I am happy to oblige :D

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