Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simplifying Sub Plans... A FREEBIE

Writing sub plans is something each and every one of us dreads. I'm sure most of us have even miserably forced our way through a day of sickness just to avoid preparing for a sub. This year I created a document that I absolutely love and it has really simplified my sub plans for me. In fact, every time I have a sub they compliment on how easy the plans are to follow. 

The best part about these plans is that they include all of the important information for making the day go as smoothly as possible and it is easy to find rather than needing to skim paragraphs to find that one specific part. Of course all while 30 or so kids are waiting every so patiently (HA). I love that I don't need to retype the information every time and for the most part my schedule stays the same, so I make some slight changes and voila, print my plans. 

I included the plans as a word document and pages document for you so that you can edit them for your classroom. I also included my example for you to help along the way as you create your own! I hope that this is as helpful as I think it is!! 

Click HERE for the blank template
And click HERE for my example. 


  1. I LOVE this idea! I tried downloading the blank copy and google docs says it is not available. I would love a copy if possible! Thank you for sharing!


    1. I am having the same issue. Could you please send to me as well? These are SUCH well-made plans!

      Thank you!

  2. Hope,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful resource. OMG! I was panicking about my sub plans but I feel so much better. Woooh! I hope you're blessed with an amazing school year.


  3. Love following your blog!
    I would love a copy of the blank template but goggledoc is not allowing me to download it. If you could send me a copy I would really appreciate it!

  4. the blank template isn't available. Do you mind sending it

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  5. Have you been able to get the blank template to work on google docs? I have not. Could you send it to me

    I'd really appreciate it!


  6. I have also been trying to download this great resource and can't get it to work either! If I could get a copy that would be so helpful! THANK YOU!!

  7. What the heck ladies! I am so sorry.. I am working on fixing this right now. I use Pages instead of Powepoint and Word so things are a little wonky, I guess. I am going to try working on this now and getting a working version up on this post. If you left me your email though I will email you a copy now.

  8. Can I get one too please?

  9. Can i get one too please?

  10. Can you please email me a copy?

  11. I would love one as well! I am a first year teacher and would REALLY be able to use this right about now! : ) Thank you!!

  12. This is a great template but google docs won't let me open it. Would you send me a copy?

  13. I LOVE this! Anyway I could get a copy tonight? Need them for tomorrow.

    Thanks a bunch!

  14. This is awesome!! I would love it if I could still get a copy from you. Thanks!