Friday, July 19, 2013

Fave Pins Friday!!

Gotta make is supa dupa quick here people....

The battery on this computer is at 4%... yes 4 and baby is lookin cute as can be ready for cuddles...

I just HAD to share some of my favorite pins from this past week though :)

Battleship vocabulary with question prompts! Love it! The beach ball game will get a little too hectic with all 38 of em' next year. This will be a nice compromise- to say the least!

I am always looking for a new delish grilling recipe! Summer veggies and chicken sausage... helps me stick to my weight goal and is incredible YUM!

My sweet boy just started preschool! I am so excited about being able to spoil his teachers and making her feel appreciated! There are so many cutesy pie gifts out there. 

Low fat frosted banana muffins-- nuf said!

And my last pick. When I was in fifth grade my favorite part of Fridays was the drawing lesson. We watched these videos of this artist and learned how to draw these awesome pictures step by step. The steps were so simple and made me feel so successful at something I normally felt frustrated with... drawing. This site has online drawing lessons. Again it will be the perfect "special" activity for all 30 something of my little darlings next year!

Okay my battery officially says 0%... 

Not sure how that's possible. 

Go check out Farleys giveaway!

$100 bucks at School Outiftters.... SAY WHAT!!!

Click here to head over to Oh Boy! 4th grade

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