Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Might not be teaching for a while but still creating!!

Is it me (heck, I know it's not) or is there just something exciting about that smell of fall that will be coming our way soon? 

It is certainly not that I am anxious for summer to be over- certainly not yet...

However, I am a little sad about missing my absolute fave time of year.

I am missing it for the best reason in the world though 
and I just keep telling myself just because I am not teaching
does not mean I can't go crazy creating!

Baby still sleep quite a bit so between snuggles with both of
my little loves I have started doing a little here
a little there. 

For one- if haven't started following this blog
you MUST

I have been snagging all sortsa back to school goodies

Also, I am not sure where I have been lately
(oh ya making a baby)
But obviously I am out of the loop

I have just started all this new biz with blog lovin' and 
you can now follow me there. 

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Finally, with my recent inspiration to create
I bought a Groupon for Vistaprint!

I was able to get Averie's birth announcements

Behavior punch cards for the classroom

Magnets with my contact info for Back 2 School Night

And a stamp to stamp ALL of my books

All for 17 bucks! Woop Woop!

What have you created from Vistaprint?? 

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