Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Somebody, please help!!!!

Alrighty people, I went to both Walmart and Target today. 
That might not seem like a big ol' trip but with an hour and a half to spare before 
Averie needed to be fed again it was quite the trip for me. 

Regardless the problem was I came out with just about nothing. 
I literally left walmart with som 15 cent folders and some turkey jerky. 
Target wasn't much better leaving with a few pocket charts, mascara and an outfit for Averie. 

As you can see my goal of getting these almost 40 third graders headed my way organized is nowhere in sight. This is where I REALLY need your help!!!

Last year we had a unique situation. With around 36 kids all year I only had 25 ish of them all day. In the afternoon I would have all 36. This made the organization of materials a teensy bit easier, not much but a lil. 

I have tables in my classroom because desks just take up too much dang space and I despise the messes even when I can't see em.

Last year students stored all of their papers and journals in what we called a crate file.

 Each had a large box bottom file with their name on it. It worked okay I suppose but I went all sortsa crazy with kids putting their things in others student's files, the metal parts on the files broke or the kids just didn't understand how a filing system was supposed to work and most of their junk ended up on the bottom of the crate anyways. Let's just say that there was a lot of "I can't find it" and "I swear you never gave it to me. Maybe I was absent." (Even though that kid was never freakin' absent!!!)

This year I have..... (dun dun dun) nearly 40 kids ALL DAY!!! I am panicking a little and I am not even going to be the one there with them until December rolls around. Still I want everything up and running perfectly... well... because I am a control freak, okay! :P

So any who- I went to Walmart today because I was planning to fulfill this idea: 

(of course without telling the hubs how much I was spending on these drawers)

Well I literally buy 10 sets of these drawers. On my way out of the store I put one of the folders in... not even sure why but it doesn't quite fit unless you bend it. Crap, crap, crappity, crap. 

So on my way out of Wal-mart I get in the customer service line to return them. Meanwhile I talk through whether or not these are going to work to help keep 40 third graders organized with a nice old couple. They agree that kids are just too dang messy. 

So... what do all of you out there recommend?? I am going crazy thinking about it. 

Here are a few other ideas I was going to give a go. I just don't want to try anything that any of you out there have already tried and threw out. Or that you might recommend or not recommend for any particular reason. I see no reason to spend money on a system that I am going to hate. 

I already have all the plastic crates and quite a few paper sorters. I am sure (maybe) hubs could build the shelf??? 

Could possibly have 1 set of these drawers for each table. Not sure about the binders fitting just right though. Maybe in a container on top?

I have two sets of mailboxes like this. I am just not sure how it would go with only two central locations for things. 

Can you tell I need some feedback!!!


  1. I use the plastic drawers for unfinished work, spirals, and little things that kids need, but I don't want on their desk.

    Folders I stored in the plastic magazine type boxes from Office Depot. Good luck! Last year, I had 36 all day and they say that we will only have 29 this year. I will believe it when I see it!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I hear ya'! I bought two of those plastic drawer thingys and nothing fits. Plus the drawers are either too deep or too narrow. I have spent the last three years trying to figure out what to do with them!
    I use a book box for each student-they keep their current reading book, a folder for word work/writing, a pencil, etc...Then I put a trap table for storing them by each group of students. Then you don't hear the book boxes falling over. My buddy and I thought about a 1 1/2" binder for each kid this year. We want to put their planner and homework folders in it, but maybe you could use them in class?


  3. Laurie,

    The magazine boxes might work! I am going to go in on Monday for a little bit and test it out :)


    I testing out the 1 inch binder right now. Mainly what I need the kids to store is a 2 pocket folder and 2 composition books. I am thinking that if I put a couple of plastic sleeves in the binder the kids can slide their composition books in there. This could be hopeful thinking though :) We'll see!

    Thanks, girls!!