Monday, August 26, 2013

B2S Prepping '13 New Mommy Style

Having two little ones at home is a whole new world for me. I am so used to be able to do it ALL and that just does not happen these days. At first I would make these extensive to do lists that I hoped to complete each day. That lasted about hmmmm... 1 day until I was crying over all the things I was "supposed" to do and didn't. That was early on so don't worry I am not a sobbing mess anymore. I have a new outlook and it makes a lot more sense. 

I get done what I get done and if I get nothing done that's that. 

It's sort of an "It is what it is" mentality and right now it just works. I am too Type A (all the way) to just do nothing this time of year when kids will be filling my room in just a short couple of weeks whether I will be the one there to greet them or not. 

My back to school prepping has been a little more here and there than usual. I leave crossing a few things off my list on a good day and sometimes I cross nothing off. Things are still falling into place though and I am so lucky to have such an amazing teacher in my place while I am away. 

Here is some of what I worked on today. Averie had her 2 month check up and that tired her out. After a full belly she slept the whole time. Conner made messes and entertained me. I loved taking them with me. I didn't miss out on a second with them!

This is our focus wall. The writing poster is a place holder for now. When I make it to the store it will be replaced with a giant piece of notebook paper to add daily homework. -- More on that part later (see bits and pieces). 

Here is a close up of the I can... portion. 

This little guy will tell us the pages we should begin with each day so that I don't have to repeat my self 150,000 times. :) 

Is my theme for this year obvious yet? Love these elephants!

Math board. There will be more on this later, as well. In short it will show Math rotations for small groups and below the kids will add the vocabulary we are currently using. 

This will be the math word wall. The vocabulary words will rotate over here as we add current ones. The titles/headings are straight from common core. 

Got these clocks at Ikea and they are perfect to show off important transitions in our day. 

Well there is the quick run down. I promise to be back to tell you more about the Math Vocab. and the Focus wall soon and give ya some freebies. 

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