Thursday, August 29, 2013

Short, Sweet, and a Freebie

I was gettin' sassy and made myself a little plan that after I put baby girl down to sleep for the night I would hit the ground a' runnin' and head into school. Well, that didn't happen. That sweet girl wanted nothin' but to snuggle her mama so snuggle we did. 

I worked on these tonight. I am doing a number system this year instead of putting names on everything. I will still have names on things that count the most like displaying their work and of course on their desks but if there is anything I can save from year to year and not have to recreate I am down like a clown. 

If you click the picture you can grab the FREEBIE for yourself. Hopefully these will cutesify your labels and you can even edit them to add to whatever you need. I love this label size and the fact that there are 80 labels per sheet so they go a long way. 

This version is the PDF version. I printed them on 3M sticky labels 3200-R. 

If you click this picture you can download the editable version. I created them in pages so if you have Word or something else they may be a little different in the editable version. 

I love the cutesy background. Hoping you can use them or edit them the way you like :) 

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