Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coming Soon: A Giveaway from Fabulous TPT stores with under 500 followers!

There are some incredible TPT stores out there!
I thought I had an idea, but about an hour after putting this not so little 
giveaway together I realized that I really have no idea. 
So to bring some of these stores your way and showcase these incredibly talented teachers I have decided to throw a massive giveaway. So far we have 78 teachers participating! Products vary from preschool through high school and cover it all. Participators have donated anything from reading and math to back to school, art and classroom management. 

I am already having so much fun collaborating and learning from everyone. 
If you want to join up we would love to have you! 
The only requirement is that your store has to have under 500 followers. 
Think about what you would like to contribute and be as creative as you would like.
 I am harassing working with some teacher resource creators too and hopefully we will get some awesome goods to give away! 

Just click the link HERE and complete the form. 
I will be emailing everyone with all of the deets soon. 
Also, if you're participating make sure to pin and Facebook our image and get the word out there

Here's a sneak peak: 





  1. I just filled out the form! I'm so excited to find more great sellers to follow and buy from!
    Thank you!

    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream

  2. Jenny- we are so happy to have you!

  3. I just filled out the form! I am very excited for this linky party! It's such a great idea!