Friday, July 18, 2014

Sight Word SLAP! A bad teacher/mama confession...

Do your kids love anything competitive?
It always seems like when I put a competitive spin on something I get more results.
My little reader at home is all about competition! If it's something he can win you can't stop him.

Since preschool has been out we have been working on sight words.
I started with a couple of sight words cards at a time and as
he's mastered 'em we have added more.
First, I taped the cards near the two places where he sits still the longest;
next to his bed and beside the toilet. Yes, friends would come over and ask
 "sooooo am I supposed to be reading those as I go pee". 
Don't judge. Whatever works when they're 4. Am I right?!?

Because my competitive little boy needed some more practice I started taping them on the closet door near the dining room. It has been really neat to see his list grow as he masters new words. It is also a good reminder for his Daddy and I to have him read the words more often. It usually goes something like this; "I bet you can't read all of those words"
"Oh, yes I can!"
"Are you sure?"
And he happily proves us "wrong".
Psh. Oh to be 4. 

Now here comes that bad teacher/mama confession: 
A couple of weeks ago I had him write his name on a birthday card
 and the dreaded summer slide hit us. He paused as he tried to remember which way to begin the e and then slammed down the pen in frustration after a few attempts. It was time to hop on the summer schoolwork bus.

We have been working on a few things and along the way we started
playing a competitive game of Sight Word SLAP!

I made two sets of his sight word cards.

 Then we laid one set out face up. 
I put the cards pretty far apart because the game gets a little crazy intense!
The other set goes face down in a pile. 

 Players take turns drawing and reading a card. 
I have him read them all for me, but if two kids were playing they could take turns reading. 
 Then we race to read all of the face-up cards and slap the matching card as fast as we can!

The cards aren't cute and fancy. There's not much to it but, it's great practice and 
the best part is we laugh and giggle the entire time!


  1. Oh my gosh kids LOVE using fly swatters. I have big giant ones with flowers stuck on one side of them. Such excitement when I pull them out!

    Little In Betweens
    (formerly Teach on a Limb)

    1. Maybe it's not even the competition. It could be that they get to hit stuff without getting in trouble, haha!


  2. What a fun way to practice sight words!
    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream

  3. I love that game! Fly swatters make everything so fun! :)