Monday, September 8, 2014

Personalizing the Classroom with Bunting Banners

Buntings are all over the place these days and why wouldn't they be. 
They are adorable and change the look of any space with little effort. 
You might have seen my Instagram pin of our personalized student bunting. 
I have started tacking up ribbon in the most unused spaces of my classroom. 
It is so quick to add a couple of tacks and a few clothespins to display student work.
 I don't need to deal with staples or removers of the sort, 
making the put up and take down time much faster! 

When I decorate my classroom space I always leave the bulletin boards empty.
 I want students to fill the room with their work as we go and to add charts as our learning grows. Along the way our classroom becomes a space that is personal to each of them and the decor is more than just background that has always been there.
 This also means that our surroundings are ever-changing so developing 
something that saves time and allows us to personalize our space is ideal.  

Here is another bunting that we will add to as the year goes. 
Really, I should have waited to put this up and added the posters as we learned 
about elements of a story, but they were so cute and I was so excited!
 I made these chalkboard ones too. I'm still not sure which I like more. 
You can grab each HERE and HERE


I know the school year has already started and most of us have done our share of get to know you activities, but if you are looking for one more you can grab this All About Me bunting free! 
Just click the picture below.