Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September currently plus a little first day action...

Today was our first day! I can't believe it is all said and done. 
I feel like the coyote in the road runner cartoon and a giant acme sized anvil 
has just been lifted off of me. Everything went as smooth as butter. I know we're in the honeymoon phase, but normally I leave school that first day long after sun has gone down. I leave feeling overwhelmed and like I've accomplished nothing. It's year four of teaching 3rd grade and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting the hang of things. Fina-freakin-ly!

In the rush out the door with two kids this morning I actually remembered my camera. 
I forgot the memory card though and went back for it before Josh locked the door. He helps me get out on time- because I am incapable of this task by myself- no joke. So when he locks the door that's it, there's no goin' back! 
After all of that I left the memory card in the car all day so long story short long I have no first day pics to share. But, take my word for it when I say it was great. 

I will be back later (maybe this week- no promises) with some videos of how I get whole brain rules, chants and routines up and running. 

Meanwhile, I am linking up with Farley for currently!

The DIY Network pretty much runs in our house 24/7 lately. 
We are all about house updates and renovates. 
I am dying to make my own headboard because I can't bring myself to buy one. 
Wish me luck on this project. I am not handy. 

Conner is currently brushing and "styling" my hair. 
Not only am I looking dang hot (HA) 
having your hair styled by a 4 year old is much more relaxing than you'd think. 

I should probably be making our "Make the World More Awesome" writing page
instead of blog stocking! This is writing inspired by the adorable
and hilarious kid president. Can't wait to share with you
but I need put this plan into action!

I am so anxious to move into our new house! Eeeeek! 
We picked the worst time to move because I can't get it off my brain. 

To tell Ramirez about my dream. 
There's a teacher at my school. We call her Ramirez. 
Sometimes "Too Far Ramirez"- well, because she often takes things too far. 
Last night I had a dream that I woke up late for the first day of school.
This is my usual night before school dream. But this year it had a little spin.  
When I arrived at school late Too Far Ramirez sprayed me down with a hose, 
but this hose didn't spray water it sprayed teriyaki sauce. 
She drenched me with it until I couldn't take it anymore!
Of course she would take it too far even in my dream! Weird, right?!? 
I have no idea where this dream stemmed from. 
I knew I was afraid of waking up late on the first day, 
but I was not aware of my deep fear of teriyaki sauce. 

3 trips- 
A trip to anywhere sounds wonderful right about now!
We want to visit the Redwood Forest with the kids next summer. 
I am also dying to take a trip to Yellowstone
Finally a trip to Playa Del Carmen is in the works. 
We we're married there 7 years ago so I am thinking a 10 year anniversary trip has to happen. 

Okay I am off to snuggle my boy before his first day of school! 


  1. Yellowstone is totally worth it! Not only are there animals to see (my sister and I saw a bear when we were there), but the geological features are amazing!

    Good luck with the move - I hope it comes soon!

    1. Lydia, I would love more yellowstone tips! My daughter will be two next summer so I am wondering how she will do with a long road trip!! :)

  2. Your first day sounds like my first day!! And your husband sounds like my fiancee... what would we do without the men in our lives? When you get your pictures posted I would love to see how wonderful your first day was!

    Miss Wilson

    1. If he wasn't rushing me all over the place I am not sure I would ever get anywhere! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Yellowstone is also on my travel wish list. I'm always nervous about waking up late the 1st day so set my alarm clock and cell phone alarm, then check them again and again to make sure they're really set. I hope you have an awesome school year that's teriyaki hose free!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

    1. Those frantic checks and rechecks of the alarm on top of the back to school nightmares really put me over the edge!! I hope your first week(s) have been wonderful!!