Thursday, July 30, 2015

Teaching with a Growth Mindset

I have a confession.

 I've been a bad teacher. 

You know all those memes and teacher letters that confess all of the work teachers do all summer long? The ones that try to enlighten those who don't know about all the professional development and preparation for next year? 

Ya, well, I haven't done a D@#$ thing. Unless you consider laying by the pool work. I mean I really do work up a good sweat filling my cart at Home Goods and all those late nights I have spent reading do leave me feeling pretty exhausted. 

August is approaching quickly though so I have been getting back to it. I hope that even with a giant to-do list looming in the back of your mind you have found lots and lots of time to recharge and refresh. I know I most definitely needed it and I truly feel like I am going to
 head back in September at my best. 

Our school was one of the first schools to become a PBIS school in the district. We certainly don't have it all figured out, but things run like a pretty well oiled machine. With things running so smoothly we felt good about taking on something new for next year. Our principal introduced us to the theory of Growth Mindset. I immediately fell in love. 

I think what I loved most about Growth Mindset is that it was a "duh" for me. Almost like something I've always known, but just needed it to be brought to the forefront. If you are new to Growth Mindset here is a little synopsis. 

Check out this video for some inspiration: 

I wanted to be completely prepared not only to teach my students about Growth Mindset, but also to support them in actively using a Growth Mindset for life. Growth Mindset is not just something you can teach about a few times and expect a complete mindset shift. Since learning about Growth Mindset I make an effort to encourage it at home with my son, Conner. It's not difficult, but it does take conscious effort on my part. 
The best news is that I have seen signs of Growth Mindset with Conner already. Little things he says like "Mom, look at this picture I made. I worked really hard to make it right." and while making a robot, "This is NOT working. I need to try something else." He was trying to make a robot body for himself out of paper and every time he tried to put it on it would rip. In the past I've seen him give up and I would quickly reassure and help him. This time he decided to try something else all on his own, going out into the garage to find the perfect box. 

To teach about Growth Mindset in the classroom I have designed 5 interactive and engaging lessons. 
I begin teaching about Growth Mindset right away. The lessons are perfect for back to school. 

Lesson 1: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Lesson 2: The Brain is Like a Muscle
Lesson 3: Speaking with a Growth Mindset
Lesson 4: Famous Growth Mind-Setters
Lesson 5: Praise vs. Constructive Criticism

Through role-play, interactive charts, real-life scenarios, collaboration, and more students will learn:
-What Growth Mindset is
-How to think with a Growth Mindset
-How the brain really works
-What teachers with a Growth Mindset say and do to help student brains grow

After all 5 lessons you will have charts and posters hung up throughout your room as a reminder to continue to encourage and use a Growth Mindset all year long! 

Check it out in my TpT store HERE-- I will have it 50% for the first day, but if you happen to miss it add it to your wishlist for the BIG SALE coming up this weekend. I am not about overpaying, can you tell? 
Happy Teaching, FRIENDS! 

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