Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Family Heritage Project

We've been back to school for a total of 6 days. 
I started the year as a 3rd grade teacher with 27 students. 
I am now a 2nd & 3rd grade blend teacher with 31 sweet and wonderful smarties. 
Needless today these 6 days have felt like 6 years. 

I'll be honest, when I received the news I was not so optimistic. 
There was crying, a lot of crying. My stomach was in knots for days. 
I wasn't sure if I was even capable of doing this. 
Those of you that have successfully done a blend year after year are my heroes, btw. 

After changing all my name tags, labels, resorting supplies, 
meeting with my teammates for some strong drinks extra planning the stress began to subside. New 2nd graders were joining our 3rd grade classroom. The worst and most difficult part was saying goodbye to 10 of my 3rd graders. I know it was only a week, but we were already a strong community and had made so many memories in such a short time. Telling them that they were going to be leaving just didn't feel fair. Most of them took it pretty well, but a few needed some tissues for their tears and lots of extra hugs. 

Today we made the switch. As nervous as we all were, it turned out to be okay. 
The kids adjusted quickly and I began to see those smiling faces again. We're already beginning to build and strengthen our new community. 

For one of our first projects we will be exploring and sharing our family heritage. 
This is a collaborative project that requires students to work with their families in order to complete comprehensive paper bag book about their family heritage. 

Ours will be done just in time for back to school night. It's the perfect project to have on desks for students to share when their families arrive in the classroom!

Take a look... 

There are 4 homework assignments. 
Each assignment has two versions to meet the needs 
of a diverse range of learners. 

You can find it all in my TpT store by clicking here!

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