Thursday, August 7, 2014

Elements of a Story

When I introduce anything new it is most often with an anchor chart of some kind. 
My anchor charts are not Pinterest worthy or cutesy- 
even if I plan them out ahead of time they always end up crooked, cock-eyed and well kinda crappy! 
I think it is so important to create them with my kids though. 
That is why they are called anchor charts, because they are supposed to anchor their learning 
and be a constant resource within the classroom as students need them. 
With that being said, I also like to have those adorable go to resources too.
 When it comes to the cutesy pie posters that I buy from TpT sellers I have one rule;
 I only put them up as I introduce the concept rather than just as decoration. It's much more meaningful to students this way.  

I have been creating some posters of my own and am loving this new idea. 
I hung a ribbon and used clothespins to attach the posters. 
This is in my entry way at home, but I am going to hang some ribbons around the classroom
to put up posters as our learning grows. I am just thinking of the possibilities and spaces that are normally wasted! There's not hot glue needed here just some ribbon, clothespins and a few tacks!

These are my newest Alice in Wonderland themed Story Elements Posters and Bunting Banners.

And tomorrow I have quite a freebie to share with you! The best part about my indecisivness is that you get to benefit from it. I can never decide what size I like best or which direction something should face so I always try 3 or 4 different ways and include them all in the product. The banner above has two different sized buntings and I also did a chalkboard edition. 
Check them out HERE and HERE!


And here is your sneak peak that you must come back for tomorrow!
Hint Hint my indecisivness came into play again.