Friday, August 8, 2014

Told ya I'd be back with a FREEBIE!

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Our first big book study of the year is:
A Tale from Dimwood Forest: Poppy by Avi

This is the story of a brave deer mouse who sets out on a journey that could save her family,
 but  defies Mr. Ocax, the great horned owl who rules Dimwood Forest. 

All of this poster making actually came about because of this book study. 
I will be using the C.I.A approach which is absolutely amazing, by the way. 
This was my read for the summer and I can truly say that it has deepened
 my understanding of teaching reading not only to my students but to myself, as well. 
It was the perfect follow up to The Book Whisperer. 
Students are engaged in real and meaningful reading and learn to use tools in context. 

The books I have been using with our curriculum have been stretching it quite a bit 
and there is never enough of the practice with the strategy that kids need. 
 This is not the case here.
 Readers are practicing strategies in way that fits every. single. time. 
Each lesson follows a gradual release model. Students see me use it, 
then we use it together, then with a partner and again by ourselves.
 They review and repeat it the next day and it's in the context of a story that is powerful, 
engaging and truly requires that strategy to enhance their reading experience. 

   Here are some of the biggest take aways my students will gain from this study: 

 -They will learn how to divide books into four quadrants and that books
 follow a certain pattern using these quadrants. 
-How to use the genre of a book to make predictions about the ending
-How to use book features like chapter titles, maps and the book blurb in a meaningful way
-Use character traits to infer more about the character and the outcome of the book
-Retell, summarize and respond in writing to any text using evidence
-Use questions stems daily that force them to support their thinking with evidence

Here are some BIG words I wrote down on the inside front cover because I wanted to remember them as I went along.  predict. irony. author's craft. message. lesson. research. determine importance. retell. cause and effect. evidence. transition words. analyze. monitor understanding. infer. categorize. visualize. plot. problem. resolution. 

I will be setting up our reading workshop and making sure that the foundation for independent reading time is solid before we begin. That will also be a time to review the strategies in our reading tool box and begin building confidence for use during our book study. 

Along with Donalynn Miller's The Book Whisperer, this book has enhanced my life more than any other when it comes to teaching reading. It's a good feeling to be this excited about something!
Plus, thanks to donors I was able to get a copy of Poppy for each of my students!!

This study hits on so many literacy standards and one of 
the most important is responding to text using evidence.
 Students will practice this every single day throughout this study so it will be
 important for me to introduce this to them and begin practicing before we start. 
We will practice using this language during math and literacy so I created 
this bulletin board for us to use all year long. 

I actually think it makes this ugly orange cabinet look much better,
 but I included the buntings in three different sizes and two styles.
 If you want to hang them on a ribbon like the story elements bunting that would be perfect too! Check that one out HERE
Just click any of the pictures to grab your set. I hope these are helpful 
as you set out to teach your readers to search for and support with

Pretty please leave your feedback, but when you do don't mention that it was free. 
Happy Teaching!!

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  1. Hope, those are perfect! I definitely need to add those to my classroom. Thank you for sharing!
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